Human-wildlife conflict: Learning to live together | Earthrise

The relationship between humans and animals has always been one with elements of conflict, and as the number of people on the planet continues to increase, the relationship is becoming more strained and unbalanced.

With the world’s human population approaching eight billion, sprawling human settlements and activities are encroaching on animal’s habitats more than ever.

And when humans and animals fight for territory, it’s often the animals that lose. Extinction data estimates that 1,000 species are lost per year, mostly due to human-caused habitat destruction and climate change.

earthrise went to Bangladesh and Australia to examine ways of reducing human-wildlife conflict.

In Brisbane, Australia, residents and experts are employing a variety of methods to save the koala, whose survival is threatened by loss of habitat. And in the Sunderbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh, villagers are learning to coexist with their tiger neighbours and save the iconic animal in the process.

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